3 Day Sales Excellence Course


For the 2012 calendar year, SWC will be facilitating a series of 3 day high intencity seminars for professional salespeople and people desirous of a career in retail sales.  Whilst geared to the automotive sector, the techniques and strategies on offer are proven, unique and immediately applicable for anyone willing to create an instant and lasting impression on customers.

21st Century selling demands new strategies and tactics combined with old fashioned values and ethics.  Regardless of your age, gender or background, SWC’s focus will equip you with the skills and the attitude to make sales now and create customers for life.

This “Investment in Excellence” represents the finest automotive sales tuition in the Nation covering a comprehensive range of skill sets.  If you want motivational speeches and cliche, look elsewhere but if you’re looking for Australian made intel designed for Australians who sell to Australians, this is the course for you.

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