Chemistry of Selling

“The Chemistry of Selling” will be Stephen’s first book, due for release and available to purchase from this site in April 2012. It answers the call to sales and service personnel (and their leaders) at a time when differentiation between brands and companies boils down to the quality of the relationship created.  Written by an Australian Sales professional FOR Australian sales professionals who handle Australian customers.

Our business landscape is unique and deserves materials, processes and action plans designed by someone who knows and understands local retail and buyer psychology.

“The dignity of being a sales professional needs to be respected and resourced because the quality of the person will dictate the quality of the salesperson. This is a “must do” investment and pays the greatest dividend.”

Australian organisations these days look beyond motivational speakers.  Most are seeking partnerships where mutual accountability and application of options is the only benchmark.  Forget chasing benchmarks.  They are records of other people’s standards and you can’t be sure they did all that was possible to set them.  Instead; BE THE BENCHMARK!