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Based in Queensland Australia, Stephen Wren Consulting has provided unique and strategic training partnerships across the continent for some of Australia’s most prominent brands and outlets.

Executives, Team Leaders and Sales Professionals looking beyond mere theories and fad management concepts are finding that SWC’s strategies, sales protocols and methods are proving instantly useable and competely relevant to the challenges facing retail environments nowadays. Additionally, they create gross profit.

Stephen’s philosophy is based on pro-activity where the notion of change is concerned. What is the best way to handle change? According to Steve, there are plenty of good answers but only one great answer; and that’s to “cause it.” “We’re only as strong as what we tolerate,” he says.

Summing up his feelings and the spirit of his partnerships, Steve says, “There is no greater dignity than that of being trusted as a professsional sales consultant. There is no greater reward to me than to see professionals prosper and to know that I contributed in some way.” The one factor in our businesses we can totally control” he says, “is the quality of the way our agents choose to portray us. This is a far worthier concept to invest in than throwing money at marketing strategies and handing the prospects they create to an illprepared sales team who are at the mercy of customers who have more choice, more intel and are far less loyal than ever before in the history of retail”

The Chemistry of Selling” is Steve’s first book and will be available to purchase through this website in April 2012. If you only ever read one book on effective selling, this should be it. Possibly the only book you’ll ever need. The subject matter is acutely relevant, it pulls no punches and offers things to do and say that creates sales and fosters customer loyalty – NOW!

Processes are generic, even great ones. but chemistry is an individual thing that creates an instant point of difference.

Matthew Stokes

Hello Steven,

I have typed this email a few times over the past few years and for whatever reason never sent it. Like most sales people I have been exposed to many different training courses and facilitators throughout the years. With your work and life history you certainly provide an interesting and eccentric style of education.
I thank you for your kind words yesterday to my manager Lachlan relating to my performance in the recent Ford Sales session.
I am interested in keeping an open dialogue and I look forward to receiving your monthly newsletter and any other ‘Stephen Wren material’ from here on.

Until the next time we meet

Many Thanks,

Matthew Stokes.

Sales Executive | Nova Ford
1 Spitfire Court Caboolture Qld 4510
P: 07 5428 9900 | F: 07 5495 3668
E: Matthews@novaford.com.au
W: http://www.novaford.com.au

Josh Fitzgerald

Hi Steve,

Thank you for coming in today and taking your time out to help us and interact with our clients and us.
It was great to see you on the floor, helping customers, talking to customers and the team sell some cars. It was great to have a one on one chat and appreciate your honesty.
Thank you for helping Chloe purchase her very first vehicle. I will ensure to maintain this so we have a customer for life.

Have a great weekend!
Josh Fitzgerald
Holden Sales Specialist | Village Motors

11-21 Stapylton St, North Lakes QLD 4509
PO Box 3098, Clontarf DC, Qld 4019

D 07 3883 0912 | T 07 3883 0900

Gian Reynolds

Steve – I love the STUFF bulletins. Just subscribed to your audio training too. Awesome. Highly recommended A++++
PS: Keep them coming

Catherine Mathias

I just wanted to commend your audio training sessions Stephen. We play them at our sales meetings and I can vouch for their power. I know for a fact we’ve retained two people in our team (very valuable too) due directly, to the advice you’ve provided. This translates to more value to the group than I can say. Thank you so much.

Thanking You
Catherine Mathias

Ernst Koehler

I echo other comments Steve. Your audio coaching has to be the best value resource my company has invested in EVER!

E. Koehler

Ian Kalmek

Hi Steve,

Thank you for an inspiring day today at the Ridges Hotel regarding the Ford Training.
Please could you email us the word tracks as discussed.
PS; we are linked on LinkedIn.
Thank you,
Kind regards

Ian Kalmek

Mal O'Donnell

Hello Stephen – I am so delighted I found your audio training app.
I really found you by accident, but I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a tremendous product which is the best 9 bucks I’ve spent maybe ever!
Malcolm O’Donnell
Pittsburgh Penn.


Hi Steve
Well , what a couple of hours that was !. It is not often that I can be inspired in such a short period of time.
Not only the basis of the training but you as a person ( even after a long history in the force) were exceptional.
It was marvelous to see that integrity and honesty played such a large part.
I would be very grateful if you could send me some of your “ Objection responses’ that you have found handy as well as any other information you think I would benefit from.
Again thank you for your time and experience & hope to see you again down here some time
Regards & thanks

Tony Elford
Peter Stevens Motorworld
615 Creswick rd
03 5336 8790

John Thomas

Thank you Stephen for your time today, It was great meeting you and I was very impressed with the training and the information you shared with us. And also the way you delivered the point, So much to digest.
I would recommend you as a trainer and also inspirational speaker.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

John Thomas | Sales Executive | Autosports Honda
565 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW 2040
T: 02 9509 0607 | F: 02 9509 0602 | E: johnthomas@autosportshonda.com.au | W: http://www.autosportshonda.com.au

Rose Miletic

Dear Stephen,
Thank you for your valuable insight into our industry. Your advice is priceless as so much of it can be transferred to dealing with people in general and can be applied in many different situations. The lessons learnt will help me I many aspects not just car sales. Thank you for your feedback today. I was overwhelmed by your reaction and your opinion. It meant a lot to me.
I’m sure we will keep in touch and see each other again.
Rose Miletic
Peter Warren Automotive Peugeot Skoda
Tel: 9828 8826

Ryan Noyes

I’ve had the privilege of being coached by Steve over the past 4 years and all I can say is WOW! What an extraordinary Guy. Every time I come out of a session with Steve, I feel inspired and motivated to be a better salesman and a better person in every aspect of my life.
He has this incredible energy that just transfers to everyone he comes across.
If you are a Salesman or a Manager that wants to get the most from yourself or your team and are over hearing the same rubbish about the “12 steps of the road to a sale”, then Steve is the only one you should be involved with.
Steve, thank you mate for helping me grow as a salesman and as a person. You certainly are the smartest man I know and one of the few genuine people left in the industry that wants to make a difference.

Ryan Noyes – Sales Consultant/Assistant Sales Manager for Lexus of Southport
0417 868 444

Luke Wiercinski

Hi Steve,

Thanks again for your time on Monday – I learnt a hell of a lot (and certainly more than any other automotive sales trainer has taught me before!).

Aside from the resources you were going to send through, could you also recommend some reading to become more ‘worldly’? I was impressed by your knowledge on a range of topics, and I know it’s a pitfall of today’s society – a statistic of which I don’t wish to be a part of!

You’ll recall I also posed the question about how we can generate more business in dealerships (given society is becoming more and more connected ‘online’ these days). I’d really like your perspective here too – when you get chance…

Talk soon,

Luke Wiercinski – Sales Consultant

Alto Holden
734 Pacific Hwy (Corner Fullers Rd and Pacific Hwy)
Chatswood, NSW 2067

T | 02 8817 7700

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Ross Howell

Hi Steve , Thanks for time yesterday and to say it was refreshing is a understatement .
I have sat thru too many courses over the years and yours was one of the best ! If you could send me any info and where I can get your book I would be grateful.

Kind Regards,
Ross Howell
Sales Manger
Worthington BMW & MINI Garage
Cnr Central Coast Hwy & Kangoo Rd
Kariong, NSW 2250
T: +61 2 4340 9988 | F: +61 2 4340 9977

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