About S.W.C.

Based in Queensland Australia, Stephen Wren Consulting has provided unique and strategic training partnerships across the continent for some of Australia’s most prominent brands and outlets.

Executives, Team Leaders and Sales Professionals looking beyond mere theories and fad management concepts are finding that SWC’s strategies, sales protocols and methods are proving instantly useable and competely relevant to the challenges facing retail environments nowadays. Additionally, they create gross profit.

Stephen’s philosophy is based on pro-activity where the notion of change is concerned. What is the best way to handle change? According to Steve, there are plenty of good answers but only one great answer; and that’s to “cause it.” “We’re only as strong as what we tolerate,” he says.

Summing up his feelings and the spirit of his partnerships, Steve says, “There is no greater dignity than that of being trusted as a professsional sales consultant. There is no greater reward to me than to see professionals prosper and to know that I contributed in some way.” The one factor in our businesses we can totally control” he says, “is the quality of the way our agents choose to portray us. This is a far worthier concept to invest in than throwing money at marketing strategies and handing the prospects they create to an illprepared sales team who are at the mercy of customers who have more choice, more intel and are far less loyal than ever before in the history of retail”

The Chemistry of Selling” is Steve’s first book and will be available to purchase through this website in April 2012. If you only ever read one book on effective selling, this should be it. Possibly the only book you’ll ever need. The subject matter is acutely relevant, it pulls no punches and offers things to do and say that creates sales and fosters customer loyalty – NOW!

Processes are generic, even great ones. but chemistry is an individual thing that creates an instant point of difference.


As I said on the phone, I’ve been to lots of training seminars over the years but yours is easily the best I’ve EVER attended.

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