What we are experiencing is unprecedented.

Notwithstanding the human tragedy caused by covid-19, the economic repercussions to our business environments can only be guess at.  They will however, provide entrepreneurs with new frontiers to conquer.  Notice the positive spin?   There’s no point in not being positive.  That’s the nature of the entrepreneur.  Causing change is the habit.  Never has ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST‘ been a more apt metaphor than it is today.

So, what factors will make your team the “fittest”?

  • A new culture that your team buys into.
  • Middle managers who will drive the protocols of that culture.  They are the link between the rules you make and the behaviours your agents exhibit.
  • The willingness and ability to interrogate data rather than just measure it; or rely on statistics
  • The trashing of kumbaya workshops, industry ‘experts’ who’ve never done what your team does, and comparison groups that suggest you behave like someone else.
  • A smaller (perhaps) tighter knit, cohesive, creative teams that experience the high morale that comes with the knowledge that they’re prepared and have options.
  • A system of checks and balances that holds people accountable to standards of decency and effort.
  • A remuneration and succession plan that attracts the best free agents and a training regime that retains them.

This page is dedicated to what comes next.

The ultimate in addressing the need to be the benchmark rather than chase benchmarks your rivals may have created.  This is, as your careers should be – a project in works.

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